After ~16 years of running this blog in its various forms, the time has come to move on.

Metafetish, and Slashdong that preceded it, were a great way for me to explore what I'm looking for in the wild world of sex tech. While I have not fully answered that question yet, I can definitely say that reporting on sex toys/tech ain't it.

One of the fun parts of becoming an expert in a subject is that you may realize you're bringing more to the subject than the subject is bringing to you. I will probably never not be "the buttplug guy", but really, I don't have nearly the same interest in sex toys and sex tech that most consumers and manufacturers do.

This doesn't mean I'm going to stop working with sex tech, but rather that I need to take it more in my own direction than I have been in the past. Developing Buttplug has been a great first step for this, and I look forward to continuing my work there as well as possible striking out on new adventures, possibly not related to sex tech or even tech at all.

I'll be moving my content and analysis over to the new Nonpolynomial Blog. This will contain a mix of technical content and critical analysis, folding in topics related to sex tech when appropriate. This new blog gives me a far more open content field to romp around in than I had with my purely sex focused properties.

In terms of who I'm passing this torch onto, I'm... not actually sure there is anyone? There are multiple sex tech news sites out there now, but they're mostly news for announcements sake (which I see as a feature and a bug at the same time). There's as diverse a set of sex toy reviewers as there's ever been, which is fantastic, as sex tech is now getting covered from many unique perspectives (though some of those perspectives may be paid for by companies, but people gotta get paid).

Hitting a search engine will find you these if you need them, I'm not linking here because I don't have anyone I specifically endorse, and I don't want to update this post when outlets inevitably die. This is about me reducing my own workload, after all.

Metafetish as it stands now will stay, as it's not costing me anything to keep it running, and it's all static content. The site is linked from many places, and I'd like to make sure those links stay live as long as possible, though all content should be mirrored through the Internet Archive at this point. Have fun poking through the ruins.

The site is also just a fun bit of history that I like to share, as this blog was basically my research notebook from the beginnings of my career in whatever it is I do now.

So long, and thanks for all the buttplugs, * Kyle Machulis (qDot)