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Fri 17 August 2018
Let's Teledildonics!
Tags: teledildonics open source github
Thu 16 August 2018
The End Of The 268 Teledildonics Patent
Tags: patents teledildonics
Tue 01 May 2018
qDot talks teledildonics and Buttplug on the Trysexuals Podcast
Tags: podcast teledildonics buttplug
Mon 12 September 2016
We-Vibe Data Gathering Class Action Lawsuit
Tags: wevibe lawsuit teledildonics
Fri 29 July 2016
DIY Sex Toys Talk by Kit Stubbs at HOPE2016
Tags: sextoys teledildonics effingfoundation hope kitstubbs
Mon 27 June 2016
New Cyberdildonics Subreddit
Tags: cyberdildonics teledildonics reddit
Wed 22 July 2015
Patent Troll Vs. Everyone: Teledildonics Patent Lawsuit
Tags: teledildonics patents
Thu 02 April 2015
DreamLover Chastity and ChronoVault Control via Second Life
Tags: dreamlover secondlife teledildonics bdsm
Sun 15 March 2015
Durex Connect
Tags: teledildonics apps
Thu 17 April 2014
RealTouch: The Shutdown, and the Parts You Can Still Get
Tags: realtouch teledildonics toys
Mon 03 March 2014
A10 Cyclone Standalone - It's like a Cement Mixer for Your Junk
Tags: toys teledildonics bluetooth
Sun 23 February 2014
Elaico - Pretty and That's About It
Tags: teledildonics toys indiegogo
Sat 22 February 2014
Tags: indiegogo notavibrator toys teledildonics blackcatbox
Wed 12 February 2014
Vibease Sends Your Moans to the Cloud to Control Your Vibrator
Tags: teledildonics vibease google
Tue 04 February 2014
Vibratissimo Teledildonics blah blah WHO CARES HOW ITS MADE VIDEO YAY
Tags: teledildonics howitsmade
Tue 28 January 2014
I Program My Home Computer, Beam Myself into an Orgasm
Tags: teledildonics coding sextoys
Tue 28 January 2014
Holodeck or Bust
Tags: teledildonics medium vr
Tue 20 August 2013
New Sex Tech Articles Up on Medium
Tags: media medium teledildonics toys
Mon 29 July 2013
Sex Toy Crowdfunding Redux (via Vibease and Blowjob Toothpaste)
Tags: crowdsource indiegogo vibease toys teledildonics blowjobs
Thu 06 June 2013
Wait For the Beep - DTMF as Sex Toy Control
Tags: teledildonics dtmf
Mon 03 June 2013
LovePalz Ships, also doesn't, also now in Beta
Tags: lovepalz teledildonics
Tue 23 April 2013
Durex Fundawear - Almost There
Tags: durex fundawear mobile teledildonics article
Mon 22 April 2013
Lovepalz shipping... with a whimper, not a bang
Tags: teledildonics toys lovepalz
Mon 10 December 2012
Heatwatch II
Tags: silly teledildonics
Sun 27 May 2012
Where is the open source sex software?
Tags: opensource software teledildonics articles
Tue 10 January 2012
Possible Real Touch Dildo Sighting?
Tags: realtouch teledildonics
Mon 14 March 2011
Scored Sex - VSex and Gamecrush
Tags: videogames teledildonics
Wed 08 December 2010
The Toy Returns - This Time on Android
Tags: thetoy toys teledildonics mobile android
Mon 06 December 2010
Teledildonics Patents in court. Again
Tags: teledildonics patents
Tue 30 November 2010
Wiimote Sex, the Mojowijo, and Prior Art
Tags: wiimote oioo mojowijo videogames vibrators teledildonics
Sun 28 November 2010
Kinect Sex - Because you knew I'd make this post sooner or later
Tags: kinect teledildonics porn articles
Sun 15 August 2010
Mojowijo - The Wiimote Vibrator, Round 2
Tags: wiimote oioo videogames vibrators teledildonics
Mon 02 August 2010
Deldo - The Sex Toy and Teledildonics Mode for Emacs
Tags: projects emacs silly teledildonics vibrators software
Mon 10 May 2010
A bunch of links - 2010-05-10 Edition
Tags: toys videogames teledildonics
Mon 07 September 2009
The Virtual Hole - Review of a Design Iteration
Tags: articles virtualhole segment toys teledildonics
Mon 27 July 2009
The Most Important Teledildonics Yet
Tags: silly diy projects teledildonics
Sun 21 June 2009
Canada Loves Teledildonics
Tags: teledildonics media
Mon 08 June 2009
Dildroid - Teledildonics for Google Android
Tags: android mobile teledildonics
Wed 13 May 2009
I am walking 2018
Tags: press teledildonics
Sun 13 July 2008
WiibratorLink Update and WiiSex Review
Tags: oioo wiimote teledildonics toys videogames
Wed 09 July 2008
WiibratorLink: the wiidildo, realized
Tags: wiimote vibrators teledildonics oioo videogames
Tue 13 May 2008
Open Source Teledildonics Projects
Tags: diy opensource teledildonics
Tue 25 December 2007
Arse Elektronika Presentation: One Big Clip, Thanks to Vimeo
Tags: events arseelektronika presentations teledildonics toys
Mon 13 August 2007
Coming to a Second Life near you: Commercial Teledildonics
Tags: secondlife teledildonics virtualsexmachine
Wed 23 May 2007
qDot Speaking at DorkBotSF Tomorrow
Tags: events dorkbot teledildonics
Thu 17 May 2007
Halcyon Pink and the Dildonics Project
Tags: halcyon teledildonics safesexplus
Mon 12 March 2007
Tags: twitter twitterdildonics trancevibrator teledildonics sxsw
Wed 13 September 2006
Freesex: Sex and Second Life v2 - LibSL Edition
Tags: secondlife freesex libsecondlife teledildonics software
Wed 13 September 2006
Freesex - Sex and Second Life - LibSL Edition
Tags: freesex secondlife libsl teledildonics software
Tue 30 May 2006
Interview with Violet Blue on Teledildonics
Tags: teledildonics
Fri 26 May 2006
Troll Patent Regulation and Teledildonics
Tags: patents teledildonics
Mon 17 April 2006
Article on The Future of Sex
Tags: media press cnn teledildonics
Thu 16 March 2006
The Goo Gobler
Tags: utopex teledildonics bukkake machines
Mon 27 February 2006
Teledildonics: Sounds Like a Great Future
Tags: teledildonics
Sun 15 January 2006
Teledildonic Conception
Tags: teledildonics conception
Sun 15 January 2006
MMOrgy: Teledildonic Conception
Tags: mmorgy teledildonics articles
Tue 18 October 2005
The Toy: Bluetooth Cellphone Fun with the World's Most Nondescript Name
Tags: toys thetoy bluetooth vibrator teledildonics mobile rc
Thu 15 September 2005
Highjoy and Jenna Jamison form like a really weak Voltron
Tags: toys teledildonics highjoy jennajamison
Tue 30 August 2005
DIY Remote Controlled Vibrator made by student for scavenger hunt
Tags: diy rc vibrator teledildonics
Thu 25 August 2005
Google Talk, Jabber, and the Freesex Network
Tags: software jabber gtalk teledildonics
Sun 21 August 2005
FreeSex Network: Sex and Second Life, OS X Style
Tags: secondlife teledildonics osx
Fri 29 July 2005
FreeSex: Sex and Second Life, Version 1.0
Tags: secondlife teledildonics software
Fri 29 July 2005
Freesex Network - Sex and Second Life, Version 1.0
Tags: projects software teledildonics secondlife freesex
Tue 12 July 2005
More info on 3Feel
Tags: software videogames teledildonics 3feel
Sun 19 June 2005
Podcast of Violet Blue's Teledildonics Presentation now available
Tags: events teledildonics dorkbot
Fri 17 June 2005
Tido: Chinese Online Sex Toy
Tags: china tido teledildonics
Tue 14 June 2005
Nobra's Silicone Dreams
Tags: teledildonics toys nobras
Mon 13 June 2005
How Shit Works: Teledildonics
Tags: freesex teledildonics opensource software
Sun 12 June 2005
How Shit Works - Teledildonics
Tags: teledildonics articles
Sun 12 June 2005
Utopex site opens, toys violently expensive, miserable failure ahoy!
Tags: utopex teledildonics
Mon 06 June 2005
Utopex: New teledildonics company featuring online spanker
Tags: utopex teledildonics toys
Fri 03 June 2005
FreeSex - The Open Source Teledildonics Network
Tags: articles projects freesex teledildonics
Fri 03 June 2005
Teledildonics demo a rousing success
Tags: events teledildonics thrillhammer dorkbot
Wed 01 June 2005
Dorkbot Presentation tonight, location change and performer annouced
Tags: events dorkbot teledildonics thrillhammer
Tue 31 May 2005
Thrillhammer Site Active, Demo in NYC on June 1st
Tags: machines teledildonics thrillhammer
Tue 24 May 2005
Teledildonics presentation at Dorkbot::SF next week
Tags: events teledildonics thrillhammer dorkbot
Fri 20 May 2005
3Feel... Just like makin' lesbians in the sims, but with REAL monkeybumpin!
Tags: videogames korea teledildonics pokethedoll 3feel
Thu 20 January 2005
The state of teledildonics
Tags: teledildonics toys