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Thu 16 August 2018
The End Of The 268 Teledildonics Patent
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Wed 22 July 2015
Patent Troll Vs. Everyone: Teledildonics Patent Lawsuit
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Mon 06 December 2010
Teledildonics Patents in court. Again
Tags: teledildonics patents
Sun 11 May 2008
Immersion vibrates more than your games?
Tags: videogames haptics patents
Thu 01 March 2007
X Rated Patents
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Fri 26 May 2006
Troll Patent Regulation and Teledildonics
Tags: patents teledildonics
Fri 03 June 2005
FreeSex: The Open Source Teledildonics Network
Tags: software freesex patents opensource
Sun 27 March 2005
Force Feedback Patent War
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